X-ray Archive
Curling brush: "This 25 year old man claimed he had gone to a bar and picked up a girl. They then went back to her place. After a short while, they started going at it on her bed. She reached over to her nightstand, picked up something, and inserted into his anus. He didn't know what it was (hence the reason the xrays were done), but he was gonna kill her.

"One thing about these these stories: they're rarely true. I would have believed it, but he showed up at one in the afternoon on a weekday. No one can pick up a girl that fast. And he sure wasn't walking around with that thing from the night before."

Shampoo Bottle: "The usual 'I slipped in the shower' baloney. The shampoo bottle shows up as an air-filled (dark) structure. The plastic has the same radiographic density as the human body and is not visible. Actually, in medicine, we treat the whole patient, not just a disease. So I don't refer to this as a mere shampoo bottle.It is a shampoo dispenser."
Flashlight: "Someone gave me these films; I have no idea of how it got there. All I know is that this guy should have put in batteries and turned it the other way if he wanted to see anything."
Gold Chain: "I don't know how it got there, but I know a reasonable amount of force was used, since a piece broke off." X-ray film and commentary courtesy of Dr. Michael Leviton

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